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Visual Poetry from Steve Random


Visual Poetry from Clemente Pádin

from 1945

Visual Poetry from Fausto Grossi

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Cardboard Vispo from John M Bennett

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Piece of Blue Sky to Put into Your Pocket

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Visual Poetry from Suzanne Silver

Visual Poetry from Kosti Kostelanetz, Richard - Selections from MORE INSERTS published HERE by Luna Bisonte Prods
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Visual Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Call for Mailart/Visual Poetry Submissions is OVER now, information remains here about the exhibit(s) and opening events, etc.

(Click image to enlarge this Columbus Dispatch photo of JAB in Skylab window)

DEADLINE: August 1st, 2010 (Sorry, it's PAST!)
Mail Art received will be exhibited at SKYLAB in downtown Columbus OH Aug 19th - Aug 31st and in concurrence and after the Avant Writing Symposium at The Ohio State University (August19-21). The symposium is organized by  John M Bennett, Curator of the Avant Writing Collection-part of OSU library's Rare Books & MSS Library. As a tribute to John, who will retire from OSU sometime around the end of this year, SKYLAB will also exhibit a retrospective of JMB's visual poetry.  John Also Bennett, the main curator for SKYLAB, will install JMB's vispo show. C Mehrl Bennett will install the mail art show & has documented both digital and mailart submissions at:  A collaboration table set up by Jim Leftwich and other performances will happen at SKYLAB Saturday night 8pm August 21st. Participants from the OSU Avant Writing Symposium will be at the opening as many have submitted works to this exhibit & this will be the final gathering of the AW Symposium. There will be lists of addresses available as handouts to anyone who might want to start or carry on M.A. correspondences with participants in the mailart exhibit. All vispo submitted digitally will be part of a powerpoint slideshow to be shown at the opening. All vispo submitted eventually becomes part of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Library: either as a physical piece of mailart or digitally burned to a CD with contact information documentation.
(Any further QUESTIONS by participants? Please email

FINAL NOTE: The mailart installation comes down tomorrow 9/2/2010.
I've written a review about the OSU Avant Writing Symposium, for which the final event listed was the Skylab Opening on 9/21 2010. It appears at a separate blog here:
A LARGE assortment of photos by many different people of Symposium events and from Skylab opening night are being posted to John M Bennett's Flickr site here: