Monday, July 19, 2010

Suburban Ambush; Collaborative Vispo by Ron Kolm, Danny Kolm and a literary collective in Virginia called Black Liquid

See COMMENT section for more info from Ron Kolm about Suburban Ambush


  1. Suburban Ambush; a textual/graphic collaboration by Ron Kolm, Danny Kolm and Black Liquid. Ron states: "I originally did a collaboration with Art Raveson, a cartoonist, in the early ‘80s. In the years that followed the text appeared in some fifty magazines; usually illustrated by different graphic artists. There are versions by Michael Madore, Tom Zummer, David Sandlin, Eric Drooker and others. One version appeared in Art Spiegelman’s Raw magazine. Robert Siegel used the title for his book on Downtown NYC fiction (Suburban Ambush: Downtown Writing and the Fiction of Insurgency, Johns Hopkins University press) and ran the Art Raveson graphic in the first chapter. The text itself is a response to empire America’s armed intrusions into other country’s affairs -- I imagined helicopters landing in my parents’ suburban backyard during a barbecue, troops spilling out of them and blowing a bunch of stuff up, then splitting, leaving death in their wake."

  2. NOTE: Ron Kolm is a member of THE UNBEARABLES, of which Steve Dalachinsky (another voracious contributor to this mailart vispo blog/exhibit) is also a member. Ron also contributes generously to a collection of his works at The Ohio State University's Avant Writing Collection.