Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visual Poetry from Alberto Vitacchio

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  1. Intro from http://www.ulu-late.com/english/atlas/vitacchio.htm
    He lives in Turin where he has been born in 1942. As linear and visual poet he has contributed to many magazines and has been present in many anthologies and catalogues since the seventies. Later he has staged together with Carla Bertola performances in various cities in Italy France Mexico Brazil and Cuba. Since 1984 he has been active in the visual field using a technique of colour tearing from paper which he has called "pulling up" working on paper and cloth. Since the same years he has been producing artist's books and taking part in operations of Mail Art. Together with Carla Bertola since 1978 he has been editing the multimedia magazine Special Offer.
    Among recent anthologies you may be referred to Poesia Totale (Total Poetry) (Mantua 1998) A Point of View Visual '90 (Russia 1998) Artist's Books in Italy (Turin 1999) International Artists' Books (Hungary 2000)