Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visual Poetry from Mary-Marcia Casoly

Title: Corps de Ballet

Title: Pout

Title: Rememdio
Title: Rosettes
Title: THE SCARf

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  1. Comments from Mary-Marcia Casoly:
    I've gotten back to doing some visual poetry, and was especially inspired after hearing John M. Bennett on Jack Foley's show "Cover to Cover" KPFA recently. I liked what John M. Bennett said about creating the poems, the various ways have a "training, separately" and that all dimensions a poem might have, also have a "mental process" He often called what he did not poems, it seemed to me, but artifacts. Then, Jesse Glass brought this Mail Art Vispo to my attention.
    I am very much interested in mixed poetics and multi-media expressions. On the very precipice of your deadline I offer a few artifacts using Corel Painter 8."

    Further background RE:Mary-Marcia Casoly:
    Author of Run to Tenderness (Pantograph & Goldfish Press, 2002) and the editor of Fresh Hot Bread, a magazine of Waverly Writers, a poetry forum based in the San Francisco Bay area. Her poetry has appeared in numerous print publications as well as on-line, including Sand Hill Review, Big Bridge (bigbridge.org) and Tower Journal (towerjournal.com). Run to Tenderness is available at Small Press Distribution, Berkeley. Her new chapbook “Lost Pages of Bird Lore” is forthcoming by Small Change Series, WordTemple Press.